Vincent Gamberdella
Home Town:Santa Barbara, CA
Last School:Santa Barbara College


Vincent Gamberdella

Full Count with Vincent Gamberdella

What is your major: My major is communications. I want to learn to become a better communicator.

Who is your baseball hero? Growing up I loved watching Russell Martin when he was with the Dodgers. I thought he played the game right way. Most recently I really enjoyed watching Will Smith.

Your favourite Major League Team: I’m a big Dodgers fan!

Why play baseball and not another sport? I’m playing baseball because I thought it would give me the best chance to play at a high level. Growing up I wanted to play a sport in post secondary and I’m thankful I’m getting that opportunity. That said I also really enjoy playing hockey and football.

Any family in the game? My dad played in college.

What drew you to the school you are attending: I’m currently attending Santa Barbara College but am really looking forward to transferring to a four-year program and a different school