Raphael Smeenk
Home Town:Amsterdam, NL
Last School:Panola Junior College


Raphael Smeenk

Full Count with Raphael Smeenk

What is your major: My major is Business because I want to be able to know how to make a business and to make it work

Who is your baseball hero? There are three players that I like to watch for different reasons. Fransisco Lindor because he shows how I want to play the game by always having fun, Juan Soto because I really admire his confidence in his game and Julio Rodriguez because I admire his personality and swing.

Earliest baseball memory: I was attending my first baseball game which was my brother’s, I saw him play and fell in love with the sport. I also like basketball.

Any family in the game? My older brother started playing baseball, so then I joined as well because I look up to him.

What drew you to the school you are attending: To win an NJCAA Championship and to advance to the next level in baseball and in life.

Do you have any hobbies: I like to play chess and I like to be around my family and friends.