Ethan Rattie
Home Town:Renton, WA
Last School:University of Puget Sound


Ethan Rattie

Full Count with Ethan Rattie

What is your major: My Major is in the Honors Business Program with a minor in economics. I am very interested in both finance and economics and would love to work with numbers for a large company or a professional baseball team.

Who is your baseball hero? I have a couple, George Kirby because of his command and how he can throw any pitch in any count and Matt Brash because he is electric out of the bullpen and has the best slider in the MLB.

Your favourite Major League Team: The Seattle Mariners!

Why play baseball and not another sport? I started when I was little and fell in love with it.

Any family in the game? No, I don’t have any family in the game.

What drew you to the school you are attending: University of Puget Sound has a very strong business program where I can prepare for my future while focusing on finance and economics. I love the coaching staff and they are great in helping me become a better baseball player and a better person/teammate.