Ben Schroeder
Home Town:Las Vegas, NV
Last School:College of Southern Nevada


Ben Schroeder

Full Count with Ben Schroeder

What is your major: I’m majoring in Associate of Arts right now because I’m not sure what the next step in my baseball journey is.

Who is your baseball hero? I actually train with several pro players and I’ve had the chance to become friends with them because we all have the same goal.  Amir Garrett, Joey Estes, Jack Sellinger, Kris Bow and Tommy Pham.

Your favourite Major League Team: I’m a rarity I’m sure, I like the Oakland Athletics

Why play baseball and not another sport? I have always loved baseball since I was a little kid.  Believe it or not, I just started pitching about a year and half ago and here I am pitching post secondary.

Any family in the game? My cousin plays at Div 2 Oklahoma Baptist.

What drew you to the school you are attending: I’m attending College of Southern Nevada because of the winning culture that the coaches have built.  Its also a pitching factory because of pitching coach Bryan Gidge.  I know I will become a better man going through this program.